The Subject of My Attention

I start to think - why is that the object of my occupation is a chair, again? (for those who are not involved in my creative life, I had been dealing with a project of a wooden one about a year ago)

A chair, in this case a lounge-chair, is an ergonomic object sensitive to the way we position our body and interact.
It is because of our flaws or flaws of the design of the chair that we don’t fit well, but generally overlooking, it is a small object easy to handle and carry around; available to get attached to.

I had demonstrated a preview to a couple of friends, of whom one commented that it should stand alone, perceiving it as a cold and solitary she. Another friend said, what more, that it is quite the opposite of a lonely, uninviting chair, that it is spontaneously appealing you to come and share it with someone. The third party was the belief of my professor that it is an homage to Bauhaus and Thonet cantilever chair.

To describe ‘U’ more thoroughly, it is constructed of:
+ a 22mm stainless steel tubular frame sprayed white
+ strengthened by a 6 x 40mm metal strip
+ an injection molded polypropylene backrest insert
+ a double-sided felt and rubber sandwich seat
+ it is distanced from the floor by four cuboid rubbers infixed into the frame construction

'U chair' at DAN D, Zagreb 2011 [ http://www.dan-d.info/en/day-d-exhibitors.html ]