When given the task to design a chair, you start thinking about all the great examples that ingenious designers have thought of and created. The greatest challenge was to overcome the fear of the past, and start thinking unpretentiously.
That is when I started thinking that the chair itself should serve the main purpose that a design has, and that is people.

A chair is an object that has a direct contact with our bodies, and is therefore a thing made with precision and it should be a result of study researching for a natural and logical form with the use of adequate materials according to their nature and their technical characteristics.

As the boundaries of the design were somehow limited – regarding the object that should be created (chair or table), but of course in design undefined, my task was to assembly all the sketches into one piece, starting from the silhouette for the projections and then combining it with an ’x’ – the cross that, due to its diagonals, gives a good reinforcement for the back.
The bases of the legs are in the form of a pentagon, that way lessening the sharpness of the edges and giving the chair its character and fitting the residual parts of the chair’ structure.
Having in mind its trapezoid shape (looking from the front or back) – the chair possesses the advantage of stack ability.